Calling All Alums: March with DSHSMB on July 4!

By , June 16, 2015 3:15 pm

Dear Alumni, parents of alumni, and friends of Alumni,

Dublin Scioto High School opened its doors for its first classes for the 1995-96 school year. Coming this Fall our school will be finishing its 20th year!

To celebrate we are inviting all alums of the Dublin Scioto Irish Marching Band to come back and march the July 4 Independence Day Parade.

Practices will be July 1, 2, 6:00-8:00 pm and July 3, 1-3:00 pm at DSHS. Come to as many you can. We will all meet at 10:15 am July 4 in the Metro parking lot (behind Max & Erma’s) on Frantz Rd. PDFs of the DSHS Fight Song, Pep Song, and God Bless America will be posted on Facebook at Dublin Scioto HS Marching Band Alumni.

Bring your instrument. Color Guard alums bring your “senior” flag, or a pole you may have. (Tuba players, we’re trying to figure out a plan for you, too, to make sure we have enough instruments.)

Wear something “Irish” and we’ll make this the biggest Irish marching band ever, getting right in there with current marching band members. Dust off those “chops” and refresh your marching skills… and we’ll see you there!

By the way, please pass this on to as many alums as you can.

Summer Schedule 2015

By , June 16, 2015 3:03 pm

Band summer Schedule

Marching Band Conditioning Tab

By , June 16, 2015 12:50 pm

A new page tab has been added above:  Marching Band Conditioning.  Marching Band practices, Band Camp, and Performances will all be much easier if you are in good shape!  Take a look and follow these suggestions — your body (and the entire band!) will be glad you did!

MB Primer for Parents and Bandies

By , June 16, 2015 9:09 am

The Schedule Tab above will be updated once the schedule is finalized, with report times for each Friday night game added.  Competition report times will be added as they are known.

1) Report times are the times students are to be ready to begin whatever activity we have planned. If report time is 4:30, that likely means 4:30 on the field, in uniform, with instrument and gear, ready to start. So arriving at 4:30 is actually late.

2) Students are expected to stay with the band the entire time until dismissed by the directors, unless given specific “time off.”

3) “Time off” is that only in a loose sense. When in uniform especially, but nearly always, they are seen as representing the band as a whole, the school, and our community, as well as themselves. They are expected to act with maturity, manners, and class.

4) For away events, students are expected to ride the bus to and from the games as part of the unit. We take very seriously our responsibility for your child, and matching head counts on every leg of a trip is extremely important. Please do not request your child ride home with you from an away event to save time.

5) Should it be necessary for you to take your child early or will not be riding the bus back with us, (Ex.: we’re on a trip to Gahanna, you are going on to Zanesville to stay with family for the weekend) then please give the staff a written note at least a day in advance.

6) Note that some Competition days are often long days! Please keep those days clear for your child. While we have them we will often feed them, or at the very least provide opportunities for them to have meals. And they are ALWAYS welcome to do homework on the bus!! (We love teaching them time management skills!)

And lastly, you will probably hear your child talk about “row dinners”. These are times when their “row” in the band block, or maybe their section, will decide to go somewhere after school on Friday for a meal together. That is not a staff supervised activity, and participation by your child is solely at your discretion. Students have always been very careful, and we have not had any problems with this, but again, it is up to you.

I hope this helps clarify for new parents what will be happening on the upcoming Fridays and Saturdays.

Go Irish!

~~ Mr. Gray

Annual Fund Drive: 9/2/15

By , June 16, 2015 3:00 am

Mark your Calendars!

The 2015 Fund Drive will take place on September 2, from 6:00 – 8:30 PM. Music students will go in teams to canvass assigned neighborhoods to collect donations that help fund music programs throughout the District. Adult drivers are needed as well. Student participation is mandatory (and is also more fun than it sounds)! Wear your summer uniform polo.

Parents, we need your help in two ways: 

First, the Boosters will be providing dinner to the kids, since it will be a tight schedule (practice ends at 5:30PM, the Fund Drive begins at 6:00PM!)  Donations of soda, water, chips, and cookies will help round out the menu.  Please enter this link to access the signup genius:

Secondly, we need drivers!  25-30 drivers are needed to cover our assigned area.  The driver is teamed with 2-4 students, drives students to the assigned neighborhood, and watches (and waits) as the students go door-to-door asking for donations.  At the end of the evening, the driver and students return to Scioto and turn in their donations. A (separate) signup genius will be sent out soon.

Thank you in advance for your assistance making the Fund Drive a success!




Luck ‘O The Irish Success!

By , April 22, 2015 10:27 am

Our 3rd annual Luck o’ the Irish Casino Night took place Saturday night, April 18 at Wedgewood Country Club in Powell. It was a great success! We raised about $7500, which is going toward the purchase of needed items not currently in the budget, such as Scioto jackets for the Marching Band and other needs. We are hopeful that a pending grant application will be approved as well.

This kind of event needs a large number of volunteers to plan and run, so we appreciate everyone who lent a hand before, during or after the event. If your name is not specifically mentioned here and you helped out, our apologies-we do really appreciate you!

All students who helped with pulling silent auction bid sheets, setup and/or teardown or performed with the Jazz Ensemble or IFF will receive service hour letters.

Thank you for attending, first of all. We increased our numbers this year in great part due to the student involvement in the ticket sales contest and also to all others who helped invite friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. Again, thanks, Mr. Lewis, for being a good sport about the PIEing!

A special thank you goes to a special alumni band mom, Janet Sharritts, who called ALL of our 8th grade parents to invite them to attend.

A mega-huge thank you goes to the Casino Night Steering Committee members, who took on these roles:

Tickets & Event Coordination: Abby Suarez, who worked with students, parents, Team DJ & Wedgewood Country Club
Silent Auction & Sponsorship Coordination: Dianne Crouse-with help from Mike & Heidi Sargent, Pam Esker, Lisa McClellan, Janet Stevenson, Meg and Bre Montgomery, Saghar Saadat, & Juli Shultz
Advertising: Saghar Saadat, Jim Gray, & Lisa McClellan
Music: Jim Gray, Ron Lewis & our student teacher, who worked with the Scioto Jazz Ensemble & the Irish Fiddle Fetish (IFF)
Treasurer: Janet Stevenson

The following people helped the night of the event in many areas, and we thank you:

Sheryl Bannister, Jackie Bannister, Karima Nagi, Kathy Hill, Nathan Wininger, Becky Wininger, Emily Knapp, Jack Knapp, Connor McClellan, Rick McClellan, Saghar Saadat, Heidi Sargent, Mike Sargent, Ava Doty, Ian Crouse, Peyton Rogers, Toshiki Nakao, Nicholas Berkebile, Mitchell Thomas, Larina Gray, Axel Fuentes, Seth Johnson, Hannah Sargent, Heather Sargent, Ryan Jordan-Lozano, Scott Haring, Caroline Kirchoff, Janelle Wilkins, Janet Stevenson & family, Kathy Trask, Margie Burger, Mark Burger, Juli Shultz & family, James Sylvester, Jim Gray, and Ron Lewis

Finally, we wish to thank our staff, our sister booster groups, our DMB Board, and the staff and PTOs at Dublin Scioto High School, Davis Middle School & Chapman Elementary School for advertising our event.

Upcoming Music Performances!

By , November 20, 2014 12:33 pm

Upcoming Concerts and Events in the Scioto Music Department:

December 11 — 7:00 pm — Choirs, Orchestras (6:15 report), & Irish Fiddle Fetish (6:15 report) Concert
January 24 — Solo & Ensemble Contest (report time & performance times vary — all students are encouraged to participate)
February 27 — 8:00 pm — The Willis Clan Concert (tickets required)
March 3 — 7:00 pm — Irish Fiddle Fetish & Orchestras Concert (6:15 report)
March 5 — 7:00 pm — Choirs Concert
April 16 — 7:00 pm — Bands & Ensembles Concert (6:00 report)
April 24 — 7:00 pm — Choir Awards Concert
May 12 — 3:00 pm — Prism Concert Dress Rehearsal (All music students)
May 13 — 7:00 pm — Prism Concert (6:15 report)(All music students)

Special Orchestra Events:
December 10 — 7:00 pm — DMS 5th & 6th grade Beginning Strings Concert — Orchestra and Irish Fiddle Fetish Students are encouraged to attend (6:00) to help with tuning, etc.

Special Irish Fiddle Fetish events:
December 2 — Woodlands Asstd. Living — 1:00 (leave class 11:00 am; return approx. 3:00)*
December 6 — DSHS Santa Breakfast — approx. 9:30 — as many IFF students as possible can play for this (good first gig for newbies)*
December 6 — HaPenny Bridge Irish Imports Dublin — 1:00-4:00 pm — some students have volunteered for this
December 12 — Worthington Mall — 8:00 pm (good first gig for newbies)*
December 13 — HaPenny Bridge Irish Imports Dublin — 1:00-4:00 pm — some students have volunteered for this
January — TBD — Otterbein Univeristy — present clinic on Irish music and teach university string orchestra
February 27 — The Willis Clan Concert — IFF students will have a clinic with TWC during the day, perform evening
March — St. Patrick’s month! We get lots of requests in March (2014 we did 8 concerts in 2 weeks! Bring it on!)
March 3 — Cory Piatt — IFF students will have a clinic with Cory Piatt during the day, perform evening
March 4 — All Saints Lutheran Church — 12:00 pm (leave class approx. 10:30 am; return approx. 2:30)
March 8 — Highlands Presbyterian Church — 2nd Sunday Concert Series — 2:00 pm (1:00 report)
March 13 — Hilliard Senior Center — 12:00 pm (leave class 11:00 am; return approx. 3:00)*

* this event qualifies for service hours

Signup Genius Contacts

By , September 24, 2014 12:54 pm

For questions about Parking for the Showcase/OMEA Contest at Jerome on October 18, contact Rick McClellan at

Signup Genius Links

By , September 24, 2014 12:53 pm

There are MANY ways to get involved and help YOUR Dublin Music Boosters!

In the right hand column of this page there is a new set of links, to make it easy to sign up to help. Please take a moment to see what works for your schedule! It’s a lot of fun, and makes a positive difference for your kids.

OMEA Results from 9/13

By , September 20, 2014 9:57 am

The band performed well at competition on Saturday, September 13.  This is the earliest in the season DSHS has ever gone to competition (the first week of the OMEA season).

Bands in Ohio Music Educators Association (OMEA) events are put into classes based on school size.  There were 3 bands in class AA (the largest class): Dublin Scioto, Lancaster, and Watkins Memorial.  There were 9 Bands competing overall.

DSHS came in 2nd in our class with a score of 228.25.   Lancaster was 1st with a score of 232.325.  Lancaster marched all of their show, while DSHS stood and played the third piece, and we still were very close to them.  That means we’re in good shape for future contests, which is what this competition was about; getting comments from judges and seeing where we stand.

DSHS MB did quite well in MUSIC.  We were first in our class with a music score of 83.2 (2nd overall, 1st place music score was 86.6).
Please note the next contest date is October 4.  The Band will do a double-header that day, going to Lebanon for a Mid-States Band Association Contest, followed by Teays Valley for another OMEA competition.
Keep watching the show as it will continue to not only improve, but evolve, with an end goal of having an awesome and entertaining show for OMEA Finals and MSBA Championships.

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